Lack of Inspiration or Just Boring?

This is the other word of “suntuk”.. I don’t know, maybe because there are no big challenges.. or maybe there is no my beloved wife by my side, with my child inside her stomach 😛 even though we comunicate every day..

Because now I am farr..farr away from home, that peacefully..too peacefully..may be this is the problem..I need activity or challenge to keep alive..

Hufh,need something to refresh up my mind..

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2 thoughts on “Lack of Inspiration or Just Boring?

  1. sabar ya sayangkuw…smoga secepatnya Qta akan sama2, ditambah our little baby…uugh can’t wait that moment…c’mon cheer up beib…”YES WE CAN”… 😉
    love U more each day honey…mmmwah..

    Ps: Love will guide you home…(Fix You)

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