Strategy Server Migration (Domain Controller)

As my promise before, i want to share the knowledge about windows server migration. I don’t mean wanna teach you guys, coz i’m still stupid, as a new system engineer. I just wanna share my knowledge, probably it means to you guys.

I wanna share about Domain Controller (DC) migration from NT 4 to Windows 2003 R2 DC, actually it more suitable if we called upgrade not migrate 😉

First, you must back up your DC (in NT Systems called PDC/Primary Domain Controller) in case there are any disasters. How? by creating BDC (Backup Domain Controller), its easy. You can create BDC when you install Windows NT OS.

Second, Promote the BDC as a PDC. But remember first, you must unplug the BDC server from network, because in NT systems there is only one PDC allowed.

Third, after promote BDC to PDC upgrade Service Pack the BDC (remember now as PDC!) to minimum service pack 5, why? because we can direct upgrade to Windows 2003 systems if the Win NT4 minimum has service pack 5.

Fifth, Upgrade OS to Windows 2003. Just insert CD Windows 2003 server, and follow the instructions. After the upgrade done, you will be shown wizard to promote the server as Domain Controller. follow the instruction, you also asked to create DNS. Noticed, DNS is very important thing in Domain Controller.

Sixth, Done! Congrats you have done upgrade your domain controller server from NT systems to Windows 2003 systems with the same users 😉

Next time, may be i’ll breakdown the migrate (this is really migrate!) strategy from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003

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